Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Closing case #1 wireless bikes Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Closing #1 wireless bikes - Case Study Example Therefore, technology is able to get right resources to the right place and at the right time (Baltzan, 2014). Hence, the company can comfortably operate in a free environment without being tied to physical location. Providing immediate data Access provides value when mobility permits activities to be conducted at where required. Wireless networks are capable of supporting a broad variety of immediate data access alternatives, from collecting usage data through RFID technologies when driving near a water meter to including complete internet access on mobile device or laptop. The company is able to get a status report as well as other important information on the transaction of the bike. Increasing monitoring and location capability helps in minimizing losses from damage and theft, gathers information from difficulty-to-reach or remote locations, enhances safety as well as makes probable a new wave of customized services. The RFID tags allow the tracking of the bikes from booking to using and returning the bike. LBS devices send storm information from the bike and help in locating it when there is a problem. Improving workflows involves using wireless technology, provides the opportunity for redesigning as well as simplifying those processes for being cheaper, faster, and more responsive. This also helps in eradicating redundant activities, redistribute tasks, and integrate activities and services. The company gets original data as the transactions with bike users go on. Both the user and the company interact freely as well as faster. Providing mobile business opportunities involves offering an advantage of making a purchase through the internet from anywhere, and anytime. In addition, wireless system offers consumers with the capacity to get information as well as order commodities and services faster and with ease employing a mobile device. Providing alternative to wiring occurs as

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